June 28, 2017

Declaration of Independence
How We Lost Our Way

- Rick Shepherd -

  1. Why the Declaration of Independence?
    1. All Societies Are Based On Three Types Of Law Systems.
      1. Fundamental Law (Our Declaration of Independence)
      2. Constitutional Law (Our Constitution)
      3. Legislative Law (Codes and Statutes of our Legislation)
    2. Any Departure From The Foundation Is Invalid.
  2. Why Blame King George III?
    1. Relationship to England Defined Through King, Not Parliament.
      See “The Declaration of Independence” by Carl Becker (1942)
      The king was the linchpin of their problem. Could not allow Parliament to be seen as legitimate source of law for the colonies.
  3. Was the Declaration of Independence racist?
    1. See Original Draft of Declaration, with Condemnation of Slavery by Jefferson.. “The Declaration of Independence” by Carl Becker (1942): Pg. 147.
    2. See “The Colonial Experience” by Dr. Clarence Carson (1983): Pg. 117. British mercantilism purposefully used slavery in colonies to create dependence and obligation.
  4. The Rejection of the Philosophy of the Declaration of Independence
    1. Impact of Redefinition of “Natural Law” and the French Revolution.
      1. French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
        He redefined (perverted) Natural Law apart from a Creator, leading to horrors and excesses of the French Revolution.
        1. Rousseau’s redefinitions paved the way for many modern ills.
      2. Fallacy of Equating the American Revolution (and the DOI) With the French revolution.
        1. Prior to the French Revolution philosophy and fact married in DOI and American Revolution.
        2. After the French Revolution and Napoleon.
          People began to associate philosophy of “inalienable” rights with an “invitation to insurrection and a persistent cause of anarchy”.
        3. Contrast this with peaceful transformation of colonies in accordance with enlightened ideas, prior to the actual war. (Bailyn, pg. 19)
        4. The impact of John C. Calhoun. Vice President to John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. Later became leading defender of slavery in the South, and reinterpretation of natural law.
        5. What Replaced Natural Law And Rights.
          French counter revolutionary philosopher Louis de Bonald.
          German philosopher Friedrich Savigny. (Set the stage philosophically for the Third Reich).
      3. Personal Observations.
        1. The resulting philosophies were self-contradictory. Led to acceptance of use of force (the Civil War).
        2. When reason is divorced from an absolute or universal moral code, it is capable of justifying any depravity. Jeremiah 17:9 provides such a warning.
        3. The truths of the Declaration are statements of self-evident and eternal truths.
        4. Law systems reflect a belief system. Cannot be divorced without opening door to totalitarian rule.